Blissful Kids City

About Us

Dear Customer,

We are IT consultants by profession and we have worked for major corporate and multinational companies around the world. Our passion from child hood has always been to dress pleasantly and to catch the ongoing trends seasonally over the year.

Now being mother of young daughters we realised how important to dress the child differently and our passion only deepened. With our flawless skills of grasping the latest trends, we were able to dress our children to perfection. Over a period of time our passion became a commitment to make sure the children too dress as per latest trends for any occasion.

We want to share our passion to choose the latest and best clothing for the children. Keeping these thoughts in mind, “Blissful Kids City” was created to offer parents with the best options for children’s clothing and accessories.

We have the eyes and ears to see and listen to the needs of the children. Attention to quality, detail, and comfort is a driving force behind the clothes and accessories available at our online store for every occasion and season of the year. Making it easy and a wonderful experience to shop at our store is our top of the goal.

Thank you.